TCRM meets with the Ministry of Transport ahead of new Transport policies.

The Cross River Movement (TCRM) conducted a courtesy visit to the Ministry of Transport, Cross River State on Friday, September 22nd, 2023, to engage in discussions concerning critical transport issues faced by Cross Riverians. During this visit, we had the privilege of extending our congratulations and goodwill message from the founder, Mr. Iso Bassey, to the Commissioner for Transport, Honorable Pastor Ekpenyong Cobham. The purpose of our visit was to gain insights into the ministry’s vision and efforts in addressing transportation challenges while ensuring the well-being and interests of the people.

Highlights of the visit:

  1. Vision for Governor Bassey Otu’s Administration: Commissioner Cobham began by elaborating on the vision of Governor Bassey Otu, whose mantra is “Putting the people first.” This principle aligns with the core responsibilities of the Ministry of Transport, which is committed to prioritizing the interests and well-being of the people of Cross River State.
  2. Addressing Street Trading: One of the crucial issues discussed during the visit was the problem of street trading. Commissioner Cobham expressed the ministry’s commitment to finding a lasting solution to this challenge. He emphasized the importance of providing comfortable and safe spaces for street traders, considering their needs and interests.
  3. Transportation and Security: Commissioner Cobham highlighted the vital role that the Ministry of Transport plays in ensuring the safety and security of the people of Cross River State. Transportation is intrinsically linked to security, and the ministry is actively involved in developing a framework for people-friendly policies. This involves engaging with transport operators and facilities across the state.
  4. Road Rehabilitation and Weather Conditions: The Commissioner informed us about ongoing efforts to repair and upgrade the state’s roads being managed under the Ministry of Works. However, these efforts were temporarily halted due to unexpected weather conditions and climate change. The anticipated August break turned into a rainy season, disrupting ongoing roadwork. As a result, road repairs had to be put on hold until favorable weather conditions returned. Measures are being taken to manage the existing road conditions until full renovations can be carried out.
  5. Renewable Energy for Transportation: Commissioner Cobham also discussed the ministry’s plans to explore renewable energy sources for transportation. This initiative aims to address the current high cost of transportation and contribute to sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

Conclusion: The courtesy visit to the Ministry of Transport was an informative and productive engagement. It allowed TCRM to gain valuable insights into the ministry’s vision, efforts, and challenges in addressing transportation issues in Cross River State. Commissioner Cobham’s commitment to putting the people first and finding practical solutions to transportation challenges is commendable.

TCRM acknowledges that cooperation and dialogue with the government are essential in building an effective Cross River State. We are committed to playing our part as responsible citizens and active stakeholders in the development of our state.

We appreciate the warm reception and openness of the Ministry of Transport, and we look forward to continued collaboration for the betterment of Cross River State’s transportation system and the overall well-being of its people.