TCRM Pays Courtesy Visit to the Ministry of Lands, Cross River State

On Friday, September 22nd, 2023, members of The Cross River Movement (TCRM) embarked on a courtesy visit to the Ministry of Lands, Cross River State, to extend our congratulations to the newly appointed Commissioner, Honorable Chief Francis Ekpeyong. The purpose of this visit was not only to offer our felicitations but also to engage in constructive dialogue regarding the ministry’s role in building a better Cross River State and the active involvement of Cross Riverians in governance.

The Visit:

The courtesy visit was marked by a warm and cordial reception by the Ministry of Lands. Honorable Chief Francis Ekpeyong, the newly appointed Commissioner, received the TCRM delegation graciously. During the visit, the Commissioner affirmed his unwavering commitment to serving the people of Cross River State and emphasized his dedication to accessibility and transparency.

Discussion Highlights:

  1. Ministry’s Duties in Land Matters: Commissioner Ekpeyong underscored the critical responsibilities of the Ministry of Lands in managing land-related issues within the state. He elaborated on the significance of efficient land administration in fostering sustainable development, promoting investment, and ensuring the equitable distribution of land resources.
  2. Building a Better Cross River: The Commissioner passionately articulated the government’s vision for a more prosperous Cross River State. He emphasized the pivotal role that well-managed land resources play in achieving this vision, highlighting the need for effective policies and regulations.
  3. Youth Engagement: Commissioner Ekpeyong addressed the importance of youth engagement in governance. He encouraged young people to actively participate in dialogues with government officials, especially through the Ministry of Youth. He stressed that involving youths in the decision-making process is crucial for creating a sense of ownership and ensuring their needs are considered in budgetary allocations.
  4. Government’s Commitment: The Commissioner assured TCRM and the people of Cross River State that the government is committed to listening to the input of citizens. He pledged to develop and implement budgets that align with the priorities and aspirations of the people. He emphasized that the government is determined to create policies and programs that benefit the majority and contribute to overall socioeconomic development.

In conclusion, the courtesy visit to the Ministry of Lands was a productive and enlightening engagement. It provided an opportunity for TCRM to extend congratulations to Commissioner Honorable Chief Francis Ekpeyong and to engage in meaningful discussions about the vital role of land management in building a better Cross River State. The Commissioner’s commitment to transparency, youth inclusion, and responsive governance serves as a promising foundation for a more prosperous future.

TCRM appreciates the warm reception and open dialogue provided by the Ministry of Lands and looks forward to continued collaboration to enhance the well-being of the people of Cross River State.

This visit reaffirms TCRM’s commitment to actively participating in the development and progress of Cross River State and its dedication to fostering good governance and citizen engagement.