Commissioner For Housing Assures TCRM of Policy Direction, Affordable Housing for Cross River

Cross River State’s housing sector is on the verge of significant progress, and the Cross River Movement (TCRM) has been engaging with key government officials to ensure good governance and effective programs for the people of the state. In a recent visit to the office of the Commissioner for Housing, Dr. Mrs. Beatrice Igwe, the TCRM delegation received assurances of policy direction and affordable housing options for the residents of Cross River.

The three-member delegation, led by TCRM’s media officer, Godwin Otang, and representing the founder, Iso Bassey, along with Programs Manager Kennedy Omojefe, visited the Commissioner in her office in Calabar. Their mission was to familiarize themselves with the Commissioner, congratulate her on her appointment, and express TCRM’s commitment to ensuring the successful implementation of the Ministry of Housing’s programs for Cross Riverians.

Iso Bassey, represented by Godwin Otang, stated, “We have come on behalf of our founder to see the Honorable Commissioner for Housing and your team, to let you know that we’re interested in what you’re doing. We aim to work hand-in-hand with you to ensure the exhaustive implementation of the programs for Cross Riverians. We want to bridge the gap between the people and the government, and we invite you and your team to our interactive session scheduled for the first Sunday of December 2023. This will be an opportunity to educate the people about the programs of this new administration via the Ministry of Housing.”

In response, Commissioner Beatrice Igwe assured the TCRM team of her commitment to providing affordable, sustainable, and comfortable housing options in the state. She commended TCRM’s focus on good governance and encouraged the organization to seek clarification from the government when there’s ambiguity surrounding policies and programs.

She said, “Thank you to the TCRM team. I’m impressed by your remarks. This ministry was established to provide housing for the people, aligning with the People First Manifesto. We aim to partner with as many entities as possible to offer affordable, sustainable, and comfortable housing. I’m glad to see young people actively participating in governance.”

While expressing her openness to innovative ideas, Commissioner Igwe also cautioned against the wrongful use of social media, emphasizing the potential dangers if used irresponsibly.

The TCRM delegation, consisting of Godwin Otang, Mary Alolo, and Nawa Elizabeth, is committed to fostering collaboration between the government and the people, with the shared goal of ensuring good governance and accessible housing options for the citizens of Cross River.