A New Horizon for Cross River: TCRM’s Courteous Flight to the Ministry of Aviation

On the 28th of September 2023, The Cross River Movement (TCRM) took flight, metaphorically speaking, as they paid a courtesy visit to the Ministry of Aviation. This visit served as an avenue to extend heartfelt congratulations to the newly appointed Commissioner, Capt. Imah Eno Utum, on behalf of TCRM’s founder, Mr. Iso Bassey. The warm reception from the commissioner set the tone for an enlightening exchange.

TCRM Team With the Commissioner of Aviation  Capt. Imah Eno Utum

Welcoming TCRM to the Skies of Governance:

Capt. Imah Eno Utum welcomed the TCRM team warmly, acknowledging and commending the initiative to propel the vision of good governance in Cross River. During the engaging discussions, the Commissioner revealed the Ministry of Aviation’s significant role as a revenue-generating entity for the government.

Advancements in Air Travel:

One of the pivotal points discussed was the government’s ambitious plan to establish a fully functional Cross River State-owned airline. The Commissioner disclosed that efforts were underway to complete the construction of the cargo airline in Obudu, which is already over 60% complete. This completion, slated for the current administration, promises to bring about substantial benefits and advantages to the people of Cross River.

Ensuring Safety and Best Practices:

Safety in the airways for all Cross Riverians is a top priority for the Ministry of Aviation. The Commissioner emphasized the ministry’s commitment to ensuring that all airlines operating within the state adhere to the highest standards and best practices in aviation.

A College of Aviation for Cross River:

In a move set to elevate the state’s status in the aviation sector, the Commissioner shared plans for the development and establishment of a College of Aviation. This institution will play a pivotal role in training world-standard pilots, air hostesses, and aeronautic engineers, providing a skilled workforce for the growing aviation industry in Cross River.

Opening Doors to Investment Opportunities:

The Commissioner assured the TCRM team that the government’s endeavors in the airspace would create numerous opportunities for investment. These opportunities are not limited to local investors but extend a welcoming hand to foreign investors as well. The advancement in the aviation sector is poised to become a catalyst for economic growth and development in Cross River.

In conclusion, the courtesy visit to the Ministry of Aviation marked a significant milestone in the journey toward a more developed and progressive Cross River State. Commissioner Capt. Imah Eno Utum’s insights into the government’s ambitious plans for aviation, coupled with the commitment to safety and industry best practices, paint a promising picture for the future.

TCRM is excited about the potential economic growth and the opening of new horizons for investment in Cross River. As the skies above the state are set to become busier with the activities of the burgeoning aviation sector, TCRM looks forward to actively participating in the development and progress of Cross River under the wings of the Ministry of Aviation.