Fostering Economic Growth and Good Governance: TCRM’s Courtesy Visit to the Ministry of Commerce

The Cross River Movement (TCRM) recently undertook a crucial courtesy visit to the Ministry of Commerce, extending warm congratulations to Commissioner Honorable Abigail Duke on her well-deserved appointment. Led by Program Manager Sct. Omojefe Kennedy Orezime, representing the Founder and Executive Director, Mr. Iso Bassey, the TCRM team emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between the ministry and the people. Their goal is to facilitate dialogues and explore ways in which the ministry can reach the citizens, providing training, support, and enabling policies for businesses in Cross River State.

Engagement Highlights:

1. Dialogues for Development: Sct. Omojefe Kennedy Orezime articulated TCRM’s commitment to fostering open dialogues between the Ministry of Commerce and the people. The aim is to create channels for communication, understanding, and collaboration that can drive economic growth and good governance.

2. Government’s People-First Approach: Commissioner Hon. Abigail Duke responded by expressing gratitude for TCRM’s initiative in educating the people, especially the youths, on the importance of good governance. She highlighted the government’s commitment to putting the people first, evidenced by the discontinuation of certain market trader taxes. This move aims to alleviate economic burdens and foster a conducive environment for business growth.

3. Education Initiatives: Commissioner Duke informed the TCRM team about the government’s decision to cover the WAEC exam fees for all Crossriverians. This initiative aims to enhance education accessibility, ensuring that more students can complete their studies and contribute meaningfully to the state’s development.

4. Rural Enlightenment: Emphasizing the need for comprehensive advocacy, Commissioner Duke urged TCRM to extend its awareness campaigns beyond the cities. She highlighted the importance of focusing on rural areas, starting with Akpabio, close to Calabar. Many youths in these areas still lack the necessary enlightenment, and education is a key factor in developing good governance.

5. Healthcare and Economic Empowerment: Commissioner Duke shared the governor’s strides in improving the primary health sector. The government has initiated free treatment for children under 5, pregnant women, and individuals aged over 70. These steps aim to alleviate economic burdens and encourage young people to acquire skills, start businesses, and contribute positively to society.

6. Government Support and Policy Initiatives: Commissioner Duke assured TCRM of the government’s full support for their mission. The Ministry of Commerce is actively working on enabling policies to reduce taxation and create a favorable environment for businesses to thrive in Cross River State. Furthermore, the ministry pledged its support for the upcoming Global Entrepreneurship Week, aiming to connect and train more youth in building a sustainable economy.

The courtesy visit to the Ministry of Commerce was more than a formality; it was a meaningful exchange focused on creating a collaborative environment for economic growth and good governance. Commissioner Abigail Duke’s commitment to the people-first approach and her assurance of government support align seamlessly with TCRM’s mission. This engagement marks the beginning of a promising partnership, and TCRM looks forward to actively contributing to Cross River State’s economic and social development under the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce.