Four Elements of Good Governance



Accountability is an assurance that an individual or organization is evaluated on its performance or behavior related to something for which it is responsible. We hold the government accountable by asking pertinent questions based on their promises.


Democratic responsiveness measures the degree to which governmental policies match public preferences. We evaluate the quality of government responsiveness to the needs of the people it serves.


Transparency means that decisions taken and their enforcement are done in a manner that follows rules and regulations. It also means that information is freely available and directly accessible to those who will be affected by such decisions and their enforcement.

Stakeholder Engagement

A stakeholder is any person or organization that is affected by or has a legitimate interest in a specific project or policy decision. We encourage all stakeholders to purposely and periodically engage with the government.

How we assess good governance in Cross River State

Government initiatives

We hold the government to account by asking them pertinent questions and securing their commitment to deliver on their promises and initiatives towards Crossriverians.

CRS Annual Budget

Every year, a budget process is initiated. And then the budget is passed into law and used as a working document to facilitate growth and development initiatives in the state.

Visible milestones

Beyond facilitating discussions, we try to ensure that success stories are also publicized and that information is freely available and accessible to all impacted persons within the state.

Citizens opinion

We engage with citizens in order to assess the level of government responsiveness to the needs of the people. We encourage open participation and involve the use of media and technology to convey citizen’s concerns and expectations.

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