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TCRM Conversations

TCRM Conversations is an innovative program designed to promote good governance by asking key questions and facilitating open dialogue between stakeholders. The program is held virtually and brings together representatives from different sectors to ask questions and discuss important topics related to government and public policy.

Through this platform, we  engage and exchange ideas that can foster the development of Cross River State.


TCRM Talks

TCRM Talks is an online program that seeks to bring together Crossriverians from around the world to learn about the connectedness of good governance and economic growth and development in Cross River State.

Through virtual meetings, participants gain insight from industry experts and professionals who share their experiences and knowledge on how to foster economic growth in their communities.


TCRM Interactive Sessions

TCRM Interactive Sessions is a platform that allows citizens to engage with their elected officials. This program provides a safe space for people to ask questions, offer feedback, and share ideas directly with their representatives. It offers a range of features to facilitate communication between candidates and citizens, such as real-time conversations, polls, surveys, and town halls.

This platform promotes accountability and transparency in governance by giving citizens a direct line to their elected officials. This program ultimately promotes responsiveness and stakeholder engagement in the public sector and allows the constituents to have a say in their government.


You can watch the replay of our virtual events here:

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