Senator Sandy Onor, PDP Governorship Candidate reveals his plans and vision for Cross River State if elected as Governor in 2023

The maiden edition of Ask The Candidates featured Sandy Ojang Onor, the governorship candidate for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).  At the interactive session which was held virtually, the candidate shared his vision and plans for Cross River State, if he emerges as governor-elect.

In starting, he stated that he will build on the ‘twin-pillar’ of Agriculture and Tourism, as well as Security. He further mentioned that he wants to be a governor that is competent, responsible, accountable, and proactive in dealing with the challenges of the people of Cross River state in the context of making resources available to the state through his wealth of connection and expertise. He emphasized that he would not like to be a governor that will sit on a high horse, quantificate and imagine that he understands all the problems of his people.  Rather, he will like to share with them and listen to them in such a way as will expand the frontiers of development in the State.

Furthermore, Sandy Onor explained that his government if elected will reinterrogate the Bakassi question, revisit the Calabar seaport, give room for business, and restore the clean nature of the state. He said the first priority of his government if elected will be to expand Agriculture and make it profitable, by making it attractive to young people. He talked about expanding the ecotourism sector of the state and funding security.

Speaking to The Cross River Movement, he revealed his commitment to ensuring that the Local Government administration will experience a reasonable level of autonomy. He explained that this will empower the local government administratorship to function effectively and have sufficient resources for the development and welfare of its dwellers.

On gender equality, Sandy acknowledged that he has started showing his enthusiasm for a balanced gender by selecting a female running mate, and he will ensure that women will duly be represented, integrated, and carried along in his government. He further assured Crossriverians of his availability to interact with the public and strengthen his social media presence.

He affirmed that he recognizes the interest, concerns, and contributions of Crossriverians in the diaspora to the development of the state. He further encouraged them to come back to invest and assured them that he will appoint a Special Adviser to coordinate the activities of diasporas.

In regards to debt management, the PDP governorship candidate explained that his government will set up a proper internally generated revenue mechanism to generate more revenue, and also reduce the government size based on the principles of discipline, accountability, and resourcefulness to mop up resources to carry out basic fundamental development in the state.

In tackling security issues, he mentioned that he will run an integrated security system where security is everyone’s business and that there will be proper funding of the LGAs and the legitimate utilization of security votes will solve the problems of insecurity. He said that his government will assess all the already existing infrastructure in the state by the previous administration to make them healthy and make the most out of them for the good of all Cross Riverians.

The governorship candidate is looking to restore the past glory of Cross River State, and further transport it to a better place through his vision and plans. “There will be proper monitoring, proactive action, and the right funding, and the educational sector will pick up and stabilize as it should be”, he said. He assured that he will replicate the qualities of accountability, transparency, vision, and character in service to Crossriverians.