SDP Governorship Candidate, Comr Efiom Okokon, Set To Embark On Project HEARTS If He Wins 2023 Governorship Election

The Cross River Movement has just concluded its second interactive session. The session which featured Efiom Okokon, the governorship candidate for Social Democratic Party saw the participation of several Crossriverians worldwide and was broadcast on Hit FM Radio. The organization which is nonpartisan and non-governmental is strongly seeking to foster good governance in the state.

In an interactive session with Iso Bassey, the candidate expressed his plans to embark on Project HEARTS. He further emphasized that project HEARTS refers to Health, Education, Agriculture, Rural Transformation, Tourism, and Security. He is committed to private-public partnerships in delivering good governance through these key sectors. In his words: “We are going to execute most of our projects through a private-public partnership arrangement. We will ensure that we cut down wasteful government spending.”

In response to the pertinent questions asked by Crossriverians, Efiom stressed that the priority of his administration will focus on Education, the kind that builds human capital. In achieving this, his team will modernize and overhaul the teaching curriculum, and vocational studies, and fund research. He further assured that special health funding will be made available for children. He promises to revamp and revitalize the Tourism sector by creating tourism products that will run all year round rather than seasonally.

On the issue of uncompleted projects from previous administrations, he said: “my tenure will ensure continuity by revisiting the numerous industries set up by this present government to see how we can bring value through them.” He is strongly of the opinion that government has a business in doing business. He also plans to attract the services of industry experts to run the affairs of these industries. 

Efiom Okokon also mentioned that “his team will revisit the tax and taxation system to ensure ease of doing business.” Regarding job creation, he opines that jobs are created by the formulation of good policies, funding, and providing incentives for farmers. He insists on following the HEARTS Projects thoroughly in order to create jobs.

Efiom Okokon reassures Crossriverians that he will be the type of governor who listens to the people and will give room for creative initiatives to thrive. He went on to guarantee his availability by holding periodic sessions where he can interact with the people of the state and be held to account. He promises to lead an accountable government and condone zero tolerance for corruption.