Together we can build the
Cross River State of our dreams

What is TCRM?

TCRM stands for The Cross River Movement. It is a non-governmental organization, not-for-profit, non-partisan organization focused on improving the quality of governance in Cross River State.



TCRM is for Crossriverians and lovers of Cross River State.


You can get involved in three ways: Donation, Partnership and Volunteering.


Our Initiatives

Our initiatives are dedicated to promoting and strengthening good governance practices in the public sector. Our work is centered around promoting accountability, responsiveness…

Our Initiatives

TCRM Conversations

TCRM Conversations is an innovative program designed to promote good governance by asking key questions and facilitating open dialogue between stakeholders.

TCRM Talks

TCRM Talks is a virtual event that seeks to bring together citizens from around the globe to learn about the connectedness of good governance and economic growth and development.

TCRM Interactive Sessions

TCRM Interactive Sessions is a platform that allows citizens to engage with their elected officials.

What We Stand For


We work harmoniously for a common objective. We have respect for one another, and we value everyone’s contributions.


We hold one another to high ethical and moral standards. We are open to scrutiny.


We are emotional about our commitment. Our passion drives us to take action. We are the change we desire.


Our word is our bond. We carry others along and inspire confidence by being authentic and transparent.

Diversity & Inclusion

We respect and embrace all. We do not discriminate against any. Rather, we draw strength from each ones uniqueness.

We believe Cross River State can truly be the People’s Paradise where everyone feels secure and supported to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Our Partners

Join us to create a better future! Together we can improve the quality of governance.


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For general enquiries about how you can be part of what we are doing, please contact us.